Wednesday, October 17, 2007

HOW TO:Mumbles Self-Destucting Messages

So I was inspired by the self-destructing messages featured in such movies as Mission Impossible, to make mumbles send me self-destructing messages:

Heres how I did it:

1. be running Compiz-Fusion (if you're on gutsy, you probably already are!)
2. make sure to have ccsm installed:
$sudo apt-get installcompizconfig-settings-manager
(or use synaptic)
3. install mumbles (there's a deb on the site)
4. now for the fun part:
-open up ccsm
-select the "Animations" item

-go to the "open animation" tab and click "add" to add a new rule and set it like:
window match: (class=Mumbles)
-once you're done, hit up repeatedly to make it the first rule

-now go to the "close animation" and do the same thing except choose "Burn" instead of "Fold"

-Thats it! since mumbles works with pidgin/gaim out of the box, you should be able to send yourself a message and watch it burn

You can adjust the durations as you please and play with setting on the effect under the "Effect Setttings" tab. I think I added more particles to the fire

Oh, but I have another mumbles tip. I had a problem with messages not appearing on top that I fixed by going to "General Options" on the main ccsm screen, selecting the "Focus & Raise" tab and making the "Focus Prevention Windows" say:
any &!class=Mumbles

Have Fun!

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