Monday, October 22, 2007

Gutsy is teh r0x0r

Well, now that I've got some experimental network manager packages installed on my laptop, I am pleased enough with gutsy that I am going ahead and installing it on my mac mini. I am even going ahead and killing the osx partition. Its all ubuntu all the time now.

The installation on the mini has given me even more reason to keep using ubuntu. When I last installed ubuntu on this mini, back in the edgy days (which i dist-upgraded to feisty), installing on a mini was a real headache. I had to do all these hacks while running off the livecd to get things working. This time around, not only is it as straightforward an install as I could ask for, but the livecd actually picked up on my 1920x1200 resolution and had compiz-fusion in all its (limited by default) glory! Better yet, I didn't pay $129 for it like I could have to keep apple's hardware up to date!

Ubuntu (and Debian) have really made Linux so easy to use and yet kept its most powerful features within reach that I have a hard time understanding why any power user would still be on Windows, given a choice. The fact that I can not only have ubuntu installed, but have all my preferences in place (just by carrying over some hidden files and directories from ~) in under an hour make using ubuntu a nobrainer. I've had windows installs that took all day, and that was before WGA started making installs even more error prone and difficult.

So, here's to open source, and a job well done with the Gutsy Gibbon. Nice work Canonical and the Community!

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