Monday, October 8, 2007

"Fixing" deskbar-applet in Gutsy

I noticed some complaints about the changes to deskbar-applet in Gutsy. As an avid deskbar user, I agreed that I didn't really like having it popup in a decorated window instead of a plain ol' box like it used to. But I think the backend changes stand out in a much quicker response from the applet, so I don't want to revert like some people are doing. (I know that most of the complaints in that thread had already been addressed by the time I jumped on the bandwagon, but the full window one remains...)

So, for those deskbar users on compiz missing the old deskbar here's a way to almost get it back:

1. install Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm) if you do not already have it:

$sudo apt-get installcompizconfig-settings-manager
(or use synaptic)

2. run ccsm


3. set up compiz to hide deskbars decoration
-select the "Window Decoration" plugin
-in the "Decoration Windows" field, put
any &!class=Deskbar-applet
-close ccsm

4. move deskbar applet
I noticed that if i invoke deskbar applet and move the window around before using it, when I invoke it again. So, invoke dekbar applet and use the mouse (you can use alt+left to move the now title-bar-less window) to position the window near the icon on the dock, or whereever you want it. I tried it in the middle for a little while, but didnt like it as much as the top bar.

The results

p.s. has anyone had stability issues with deskbar and tracker live?

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